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Summer '22 Program

Are we playing lacrosse this summer? Heck yeah!

This summer we are excited to host a ‘backyard” lacrosse league! What’s backyard lacrosse? Just like it sounds – we are organizing games of 3 to 5 players (can be mixed age or mixed gender) without the full gear to play fast-paced games against teams drawn from within our own ranks but also from other cities across the region. 


Why play in the summer? The goal is three-fold: 

(1) to help our established players continue their skill development by emphasizing stick handling skills, ball control, ground balls, positional defense, and agile offense – all without the “benefit” of standard equipment. It will be just the players, a stick, and a softer ball. The games will be officiated to minimize body-to-body contact, checking, and other aspects of physiciality to ensure player safety and to put a premium on moving, ball control, and agility. We may occasionally play with goalies to help our players gain additional experience and allow those who want to try it out the opportunity to do so in a low stress environment (goalies would be equipped in a standard fashion to ensure safety).

(2) to help grow our program by making it easy for new players to drop in and try it out. By emphasizing game play and flexible schedules, our hope is new players (perhaps your neighbors, classmates, and friends) will come give it a try. The games will operate with a simple set of rules that will be easy for any new player to pick up. Each session will have either internal games against other Kingfisher ‘teams’ or against teams drawn from other cities in the region. We need your help to grow our program – this we hope is an easy way for you to help spread the word about lacrosse and our club.

(3) to help grow lacrosse in eastern Iowa by providing opportunities for cities in our region to field teams and get some play experience without having to commit to a full lacrosse program. Not everyone is crazy enough to do what we have done here with Kingfisher and stand up a program from scratch – it’s work, expensive, and takes a lot of time. But, we do have some partners in other cities in our region who want to give lacrosse a try – this summer league is a great way to test that interest. Maybe those kids come and play with us next spring or, hopefully, they have enough interest and begin to form their own team, giving us someone new to play!


What am I committing to? This is a flexible offering, meaning you are not expected to come to every session. The program begins June 14 and will end July 28 (with week of July 4 off) for a total of 12 sessions.

We will offer two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (5:30-7pm) at the Solon Recreation and Nature Area with occasional away games as partners come on line. Games will be approximately 30 minutes in duration (two 10-minute halves with a 5 minute halftime and 5 minute reset). We will use short-side fields allowing for 2 games to go at once. We will either have established teams or do a mix-mtach of whomever shows up, depending on the interest level. Teams will consist of 3-5 players. Ideally we will place similar ages against each other, but I expect we will mix up age ranges, skill levels, and genders on occasion to keep things interesting.


How to Sign Up? The cost of the program is $60 and that will include use of a stick for those who need one. No other equipment (aside from a mouthguard) is needed. 

Register at

Try Lacrosse for FREE

Try Lacrosse for FREE with us throughout the Summer! Come to any session planned for Tuesday or Thursday nights this summer and give lacrosse a try on us. We have all the equipment you need and will lend it to you for that session. If you have a great time, then sign up and play with us all summer (or another season). 

If it isn’t for you, then we thank you for trying.


We Need Your Help Spreading the Word About Lacrosse -- help us grow our program and expose more kids to lacrosse by sharing information about us with your friends, neighbors, schools, other sports teams, other organizations, internet groups. A flyer about our Summer Program can be downloaded (Summer '22 Program ) to share. Thank you!


About us

Kingfisher Lacrosse is the first organized lacrosse club in Eastern Iowa. Kingfisher Lacrosse is the operational name of the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Lacrosse Club, a volunteer led, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2020 to guide the development of youth lacrosse in the greater Cedar Rapids - Iowa City area. We partner with Parks & Recreation departments and other youth sports organizations to provide “learn to play” clinics while building separate competitive teams for boys and girls ages from elementary school through high school. Lacrosse is an emerging sport in Iowa, so no previous experience is necessary to join the program. Reach out to us by emailing!

Learn more about us here.



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Interested in Coaching or Officiating?

If you have an interest in coaching or officiating this year, we’re here to help. Send an e-mail to indicating your interest and we’ll connect you with the appropriate individuals to get you started. 

Kingfisher in the News

USA Lacrosse profiled our club in the summer issue of the USA Lacrosse Magazine. See

The Cedar Rapids Gazette profiled the Kingfisher Club and our event in Solon on May 1. Check it out at

KCRG Channel 9 aired a piece on our program in the evening news on May 18. Catch the recorded clip on their site at

Kingfisher Boys Take 3rd!!

In their first season of play, the Kingfisher U14 boys finished 3rd at the Iowa Games tournament!


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About US

Kingfisher Lacrosse represents the first organized club structure to appear in Eastern Iowa. Kingfisher Lacrosse is the operational name of the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Lacrosse Club, a volunteer led, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2020 to guide the development of youth lacrosse in the greater Cedar Rapids - Iowa City area.