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About Lacrosse

Lacrosse History

Lacrosse has roots tracing back over 1,000 years to Indigenous American culture. Today, it is the fastest growing sport in the United States, seeing tremendous growth recently in the midwest. It has elements of basketball, soccer, and hockey that make it a unique sport in its ability to develop well rounded athletes. More information about lacrosse can be found at USA Lacrosse and all over Youtube. Join us in growing this amazing sport in the state of Iowa!


Lacrosse in Iowa

Lacrosse is growing fast all throughout Iowa. Every year more and more boys and girls are picking up lacrosse for the first time. Programs are appearing in new cities and experienced coaches are running clinics across the state to lay the groundwork for future teams. Teams in Iowa are organized under the Iowa Lacrosse Association (ILAX).

Iowa Boys Teams: Ames, Ankeny, Dubuque, Kingfisher (Cedar Rapids – Iowa City), Mavericks (Travel Team), Meskwaki, Quad Cities, Waukee, West Des Moines

Iowa Girls Teams: Adel, Ankeny, Kingfisher (Cedar Rapids – Iowa City), Mavericks (Travel Team), Quad Cities, Roosevelt (Des Moines), West Des Moines

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Professional Leagues:




Top Professional Players:

  • Tom Schreiber – Midfielder: Archers (PLL), Toronto Rock (NLL), Team USA
  • Blaze Riordan – Goalie: Chaos (PLL), Philadelphia Wings (NLL)
  • Lyle Thompson – Attakman: Cannons (PLL), Georgia Swarm (NLL), Iroqouis Nationals
  • Trevor Baptiste – Faceoff: Atlas (PLL), Philadelphia Wings (NLL), Team USA
  • Michael Earhardt – Long Stick Midfielder: Whipsnakes (PLL), Team USA
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About US

Kingfisher Lacrosse represents the first organized club structure to appear in Eastern Iowa. Kingfisher Lacrosse is the operational name of the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Lacrosse Club, a volunteer led, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2020 to guide the development of youth lacrosse in the greater Cedar Rapids - Iowa City area.